Sean Mundy (born 1991, Montréal, Canada) creates conceptual imagery through photography and digital manipulation.

Working through self-doubt and questions of identity, Sean constructs austere, yet neutral and distant scenes of palpable tension and uncertainty. With a subtle, minimal approach he aims to disrupt, select from, and delete classical narrative formula to form scenarios that are reliant on subjective associations.

With his meticulously constructed, photographed, and digitally manipulated images, he combines visual vocabulary from iconography, symbolism, and the surreal to present moments of dissonance between the individual, separate states of self, and collective systems. Using human form as a stand in for emotion, psychology, and physicality, the specific subjects are rendered subservient to the conflicts arising in the works.

Sean is represented currently in Montréal by Galerie Youn.

For limited edition prints available via Galerie Youn, please check their website:

https://galerieyoun.com/en/artists/sean-mundy // https://galerieyoun.com/fr/artistes/sean-mundy

and/or email info@galerieyoun.com.

Sean is also available for mentoring sessions through Mentorly, contact him at seanmundyphoto@gmail.com if you are interested in setting up a session.







“Hollow”, 2016 . Never Apart, Montreal. 

"Recent Works", 2018. Centre d'art E.K. Voland, Montreal.


“We are Antonyms”, 2016.  Fabra i Coats Centre d'Art Contemporani, Barcelona.

“SUBLIME”, 2017.  Le Livart, Montreal.

"L'intemporalité du corps”, 2017. Le Livart, Montreal.

“Image Nation Paris : International Photo Expo” , 2017. Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris

”Six Year Anniversary Group Exhibition “, 2018. Galerie Youn, Montreal.

”Black & Noir”, 2018. Galerie Youn, Montreal.

Art Fairs

Papier, 2018 with Galerie Youn. Montreal, Canada. 



Selected Publications & Features

2017 - Timeraiser Canada 150, featured artist. Exhibited at Sommet Place Ville Marie, Montreal.

2017 - Opéra national de Paris, “Don Carlos”, Print.

2016 - Opéra national de Paris, “Cavalleria Rusticana / Sancta Susanna”, Print

2016 - VICE Quebec, “La photographie contre-utopique de Sean Mundy”, Video/Interview

2015 - WeTheUrban, “SPOTLIGHT: Surreal Photography by Sean Mundy”

2015 - Fubiz, “Dark and Troubling World by Sean Mundy

2014- Juxtapoz, “The Photography of Sean Mundy”

2014- FStoppers,  “Deeply Symbolic, Surreal Photography from Canadian Photographer Sean Mundy”



Selected Interviews

2019 - Flaunt, “SEAN MUNDY AT GALERIE YOUN | Q&A”         

2017 - Never Apart, "Sean Mundy: Video Q&A", Video. 

2017 - PHLEARN, "Interview with Sean Mundy"

2017 - Myartisreal, "Sean Mundy Interview"

2016 - Croyds, "FOCUS - Sean Mundy" , Video.